Friday, April 1, 2011


I fear rejection.

Yes, rejection.

It's like someone stabbed you in the stomach, pulled out your intestines and all your organs too, and feed them to the beasts out there. I might be over exaggerating, but bare with me.


(Forces herself to think positive...and she will)


One down. Rejected.

Two to go. Decision unknown.

I cried. Yeah, Nevaeh cried. It's because of the shock, but I shouldn't be that surprised, coming to think of it.

I poured out my heart into writing those two essays but...I screwed up the interview!

(Tries to make herself feel better in 1...2...3...)

Psht, I'm too good for them anyway. It's their loss. Besides, who knows what God has planned for me?! When a door closes, another opens. Stay positive, Nev. Think positive. Positivity all the way!

Alright then, I'll go catch up on some sleep. Been a hectic day with tears streaming down my face the half of it.

Good night.

- With love,


  1. There are things in life that we all have to go through, rejection being one of them. Don't close all the doors yourself before you know the outcome of the other places. Even if the doors close that doesn't mean there isn't another one there which is just right for you to go through. Stay positive and cheer up. Hold your head high because you are going to get through this daaahling and I'll be right by your side.

  2. I love you so much and oh so dearly. One of the most special people in my life and I'm truly thankful for your presence. You make me smile!