Thursday, April 28, 2011


If you were given the chance to meet any person not with us today, who would it be?

For me, it would be my paternal Grandparents, My Grandmother Shaikha and Grandfather Mohammed.

My Grandfather passed away before I was born. I hardly remember my Grandmother as she passed away when I was a toddler. Even though I've never met them, I feel this strong longing, especially to my Grandmother. I'd do anything to meet them, or even exchange a few words of love and care for a few minutes...I wish.

اللهم أرحم من أشتاقت لهم أرواحنا وهم تحت التراب

P.S. Even though I've never met you, I love you beyond what words are capable of.

-With love,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Surprise & thanks

*Earlier this afternoon*

I was sitting at my desk when I got an unexpected phone call from one of the dearest people to my heart.

"Nevaeh, hurry downstairs. I'm outside. Quick!"

I pull my over sized hoodie over my head and slip my feet into a pair of purple crocs. Racing down the stairs, I don't mind that my hair's a total mess and the fact that I'm in my pajama bottoms, I go out to find her walking in the gates with...

With a yummy box of my favorite red velvet cupcakes and flowers!

Speechless is the word. I've never had a friend do something like so for me before, ever! And this was just amazing! The best part was seeing her after what, a month? I miss her more than words can describe! I'm truly blessed with the most wonderful and kind hearted people around me, and to that, I say Al Hamdillah.

Lilly, I love you loads! Thank you a billion!

Another special thank you goes out to Dazzlin & EmpressJr.

Those three girls are simply amazing. Without them, I wouldn't have gotten where I am today. I cherish and adore them so much, it's unbelievable! Thank you both for being there for me, supporting me all the way. I wish you three the best and only THE BEST in whatever you you girls!

God bless.

-With love,

Monday, April 18, 2011


Hola amigos!

It's been long! What...about two or three weeks?!

I've been so busy, a lot went on during that period! Lows and highs, but thankfully, all's good. I just thought I'd give you guys an update...

  • I'm in.
  • Just got back from a welcoming event they hold every year for their newly admitted students-to-be.
  • Finals this Saturday...
  • Guess what else? The Tree Planting Ceremony -our school's idiotic version of a graduation, mind you, it isn't even that- on Saturday too.
I wish that I had to go into detail about the first two bullet points, but unfortunately, I've gotta go sleep. Got an early rise tomorrow and loads of material to study and get done with.

Before I leave, I'll leave you people to listen to two songs from Chris Brown's new album F.A.M.E.

Have a good night peeps!

-With Love,

Saturday, April 2, 2011

3rd Term begins...


I can't believe Spring Break is over and it passed by pretty fast too! What I really hate is the fact that we had our break a week earlier than the rest of the schools/uni here...which is a total major bummer! Couldn't see Lilly this past week since she had midterms and then with a couple of others things that happened. She just started her break and now I'm like shoot! I might pass by on Monday or Tuesday though for a quickie.

Anyway, I'm not looking forward to starting our final semester tomorrow. At all.

No, really.

I don't know about the rest of you but a sleepless week and the almost all nighters we pulled off (I managed to pull only one off successfully,the rest I stayed up till 3 a.m. mostly and then try to "sleep" for an hour and a half) yeah, back to where I was...a one week break is definitely not enough! I only used to sleep an efficient 4 hours out of 24 hours a day! I need a good two weeks to relax and catch up on hours and hours of sleep! And let's not forget the fact that this break was one of the most boring breaks I had.

Before I finish, here's another one of my favourites from MJ...salute!

-With love,

Michael Jackson - Earth Song

I randomly and oh so suddenly started purchasing Michael Jackson's song from the iTunes Store. I didn't like him back then but after listening to Hold My Hand, I'm liking them right now.


Friday, April 1, 2011


I fear rejection.

Yes, rejection.

It's like someone stabbed you in the stomach, pulled out your intestines and all your organs too, and feed them to the beasts out there. I might be over exaggerating, but bare with me.


(Forces herself to think positive...and she will)


One down. Rejected.

Two to go. Decision unknown.

I cried. Yeah, Nevaeh cried. It's because of the shock, but I shouldn't be that surprised, coming to think of it.

I poured out my heart into writing those two essays but...I screwed up the interview!

(Tries to make herself feel better in 1...2...3...)

Psht, I'm too good for them anyway. It's their loss. Besides, who knows what God has planned for me?! When a door closes, another opens. Stay positive, Nev. Think positive. Positivity all the way!

Alright then, I'll go catch up on some sleep. Been a hectic day with tears streaming down my face the half of it.

Good night.

- With love,