Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Friends & Bickering

The most disturbing experience anyone can go through.

You have that friend, more like a sister, that you absolutely love to death. You're out since the morning having a great time and who'd that one of them who suddenly star shouting at the other for the tiniest little thing, even if it wasn't meant to end like that and definitely unintentional.

You see, it's not the first time such a thing happens with this friend of mine. I'm the one who is shouted at.

For example, today...we went to the gym then out to The Mall to watch a movie. We later on went to Starbucks and sat waiting for the driver to pick us up with out drinks talking. He came and we got up to leave, and I wanted to get an iTunes card. So we go to the store, but then I back out thinking I'm not in desperate need of it, so all's good. Then she shouts and says that we're already here and to jut buy it and get it over with. Oh, and that I pissed her off. I bought it. I blanked out, since that's what normally happens in situations like these.

1) There's absolutely no need to shout.

2) Stop exploding so randomly and just chill.

3) Proper communication is key. Don't shout and make a scene.

4) I'm not your youngest child for you to keep shouting at me whenever "I piss you off" for absolutely no reason, or even the most lame excuse ever.

She apologized, but me being me, it was ever so transparent that I wasn't ok with it. I love you and all, but don't shout! If it was from my parents or siblings, that's understandable, but you?


Anyway, that's all for now. I seriously needed to get that out of my system since these bickering ways are happening ever now and then and I've just had enough.

Thank you for reading such a pointless post.

-With love,


  1. Khalas, you vented and you feel better now, inshallah :)

    ...and after that, you realised (hopefully) its not worth it

  2. Very true...it's just that I'm so sick of this silly attitude.

    Oh, well...