Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mentally & Physically...


I am exhausted, and when I'm exhausted, I tend to whine and whine and- well let's just say it never gets old. So today was...not one of my best days, but I'm kind of laughing/crying it off (still haven't cried though...but it's in the works). I still have 7 more pages of Literature to learn. Hopefully I can get it done today so I can have more time revising tomorrow and doing the rest of the material.


I'm craving a warm cup of hot cocoa and endless Friends episodes to enjoy (I never get bored of reruns anyway).

Summer, where art thou?

Hope everyone has a relaxing Thursday and a great weekend ahead!

P.S. Have fun instead of me this weekend.
P.P.S. Here are two songs to start of your weekend. Kick off those shoes, sit back and enjoy!

-With love,


  1. love the second song. Good luck with the studying :) Have a good weekend or try to atleast

  2. Same here...can't get it out of my head! Thank you very much...I will, on Saturday at least. I finish my two finals at 10 tomorrow I think. Definitely going to hit the sack asap when I'm back home.